Sorry about my absence. I have been busy with various things. I had a colonoscopy on Thursday so of course it took all day Wednedsay to prepare for the darn thing. That is the worst part…the day before. You have to drink 4 liters of some nasty stuff and clean out your system. I’m sure this is more information than you wanted to know. 😉 Anyway, everything is fine and dandy. Thank goodness! I spent most of Thursday sleeping which was such a treat. I rarely lay around and nap these days. Gee….I wonder why?! The anesthetic they gave me totally knocked me out. I got up Thursday afternoon and my friend Toni picked the boys and me up to go to swimming lessons. Thanks to Toni for being my chaffeur that day. Then Chris and the boys and I packed up and went to the lake. We had a nice, relaxing weekend. It rained all day Saturday so by the end of the day I was experiencing cabin fever. The sun came out this morning and it was gorgeous! So, anyway, I am now back among the blogging.


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