Ordering our Circumstances

At Bible Study Fellowship,we have been talking about how God orders all our circumstances to accomplish His will in our lives. This morning while reading the book of Ruth, I was reminded of this important truth. Ruth is the amazing story of a woman who refuses to abadon her mother-in-law after the death of her husband. She moves with her to Israel far away from Ruth’s homeland of Moab. It is here in Israel where Ruth begins gleaning the fields of Boaz for wheat. I’m sure most of you know the rest of the story. Ruth and Boaz get married and have a son. Here’s the part I love most, though, Ruth is David’s great-grandma! She is part of the lineage of Jesus. The other part I love is the story of Boaz as Ruth’s kinsman redeemer. This is a picture or foreshadowing of Jesus’ work for us to redeem us as His own. Read Ruth (it is short!) and enjoy the wonderous way God orders all our circumstances. Amazing!


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