66 Things I Like

Jan posted a list like this when she first started her blog. (Hers actually has 100, but I couldn’t quite get that many.) Now, I’m finally ready to post mine. Post yours using the comments link. I’d love to see your list!

1. Books

2. Elephants

3. Mexican Food

4. BSF

5. Sunny Days

6. Swimming

7. Lake Tenkiller

8. My Job

9. 80’s Music

10. A Good Joke

11. People

12. Road Trips

13. Las Vegas

14. Funny Movies

15. Blogging

16. Laughing

17. Pumpkin Ice Cream

18. Chicken Friend Steak

19. Fireworks

20. Scrapbooking

21. Watching College Football

22. Going to the beach

23. Pens and Paper

24. Reading Jan’s Blog

25. Technology

26. Electronic Gadgets

27. DVDs

28. Prison Movies (like Escape from Alcatraz, The Shawshank Redemption)

29. Baseball Movies (The Natural, Field of Dreams)

30. Going to the Movie Theater

31. Buttered Popcorn

32. Coca Cola (NOT the diet kind)

33. Chase’s Smile

34. Cole’s Voice

35. Chris

36. Museums

37. Oklahoma History

38. The American Flag

39. Reading Lights

40. A Clean House

41. Aquariums

42. Lemonade

43. Hot Tea

44. Disney World

45. Bugs Bunny

46. Old Looney Tunes Cartoons

47. Taking Pictures

48. Pizza

49. Book Club

50. Girl’s Night Out

51. My Sisters

52. A Clean Desk (which rarely happens!)

53. Plays and Muscials

54. Sticky Notes

55. Christmas Lights

56. Making a fast food run late at night

57. Kids

58. People I work with

59. Six Flags

60. 4th of July

61. Carrot Cake

62. Boats

63. Cool Cars

64. 4-Wheelers

65. Parties

66. Reading the newspaper


2 responses to “

  1. Jan

    1. Books2. Elephants3. Mexican Food4. BSF5. Sunny Days6. Swimming8. My Job10. A Good Joke11. People12. Road Trips15. Blogging16. Laughing18. Chicken Fried Steak19. Fireworks20. Scrapbooking21. Watching College Football (live)22. Going to the beach23. Pens and Paper32. Coca Cola (NOT the diet kind)33. Chase’s Smile34. Cole’s Voice38. The American Flag40. A Clean House41. Aquariums42. Lemonade43. Hot Tea47. Taking Pictures48. Pizza50. Girl’s Night Out52. A Clean Desk (which rarely happens!)55. Christmas Lights58. People I work with60. 4th of July61. Carrot Cake62. Boats65. Parties66. Reading the newspaperp.s. James asked if you’re available (mostly due to the items I deleted from your list!!) LOL

  2. Jan

    by the way, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your list! No way will I let you stop at 66!!

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