These are a few of my favorite blogs:

Here are some blogs that I enjoy reading. I try to check them everyday. Yes, I know I’m addicted, but it sure is fun!

  • The Happy Homemaker – This is my friend, Jan’s, blog. I love it! It has a little bit of everything. Recipes, interesting stories, thoughts on God and just about anything else you can think of. Jan is one of my newest favorite people. We met last October when I started my new job and we hit it right off. Our boys are exactly the same age. My favorite story is how she was telling me that there was a “Kliewer” in her Bible Study. I thought she was talking about a church Bible Study and didn’t think much about it until the following week when I ran into her at BSF. Oh, that Bible Study!!
  • Rotten Robyn – Robyn is my sister’s sister-in-law. Did you get all that? Actually, Robyn and I have known each other a very long time. We grew up at church youth group together, though she is a bit younger than me. 😉 We went through our Madonna phase together. We were always watching those videos especially Borderline. I now look back and wonder what in the world was I thinking. LOL Oh well, I still will admit that I love that first album (now I’m really dating myself) that Madonna ever did. The one where it is just her face on the cover and it basically says nothing else. OK, enough about that.
  • Dan and Angi Have Something to Say – I came across this blog because they are friends of Jan’s. I got to meet Dan tonight for the first time and visit with him. I felt like I was meeting a star or something! It was cool! I had met Angi before and also enjoyed visiting with her tonight. By the way, we were all at Jan’s house for a show put on by Colin. Lots of pizza, laughter and kids dancing. What more could you ask for?
  • Overlawyered – The world of frivilous lawsuits fascinates me. Read more than you ever wanted to know on this blog and its sister Point of Law.

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  1. Hey! Look who has a blog! Glad to find you online.Yes, my husband is a blogstar! I’m so proud!Angi L.

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