After I posted about elephants, I began remembering that I had a pair of jams that had elephants all over them. You do remember jams don’t you. Crazy long shorts tied with a string. We would go crazy at the fabric store and make our own. Actually, I don’t sew so I always had to rely on my mom or a friend to make mine. My all-time favorite pair of jams were light blue with smurfs. Smurfs!! LOL I wore those things all the time when I was a senior in high school along with my high top sneakers with bright orange shoelaces. We never tied the shoes. I don’t know why. I guess we thought we were cool or something. When we went to get our class picture made, I simply put my robe on over the jams and looked fine, or so I thought. One of the counselors noticed the hightops with orange shoestrings and threw a fit since I would be sitting on the front row (honor grad…don’t faint!) She tried to make me wear her shoes. I told her no. She then insisted that I wear socks only. So, if you look very closely at the 1985 PC West Senior Class there you will see me on the front row sitting very nicely wearing socks. LOL!!


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  1. I still have a pair of Jams… they are of the Halloween variety. They have skeletons all over them. My mom made them and I can’t bear to part with them. My favorite pair (also made by Mom) were lavendar and had eskimos all over them.

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