Special Day

Today Chris and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary. My how time flies! I thought my readers might get a kick out of a wedding picture and a picture of us at our senior prom. Chris and I have known each other since we were in 7th grade. We met in 5th hour speech class where we promptly hit it off because we spent most of our time making fun of the other kids and their speeches. It was not so funny, however, when we had to take the stage ourselves. Chris and I remained friends through Jr. High and High School, although we didn’t have any other classes together until our senior year. We dated briefly when he was 16 and I was 15. He had this cool, old convertible and could drive by himself. What a thrill! LOL After a couple of dates I informed him I just wanted to be “friends.” Broke his heart or so he tells me. Didn’t see much of him after that…hmmm…I wonder why. Anyway, we ended up in a computer class together our senior year. There were 20 guys in the class and only 4 girls. I guess girls and computers weren’t cool back in 1985. The girls all sat together right next to Chris and his buddy, Mark. Chris and I got reacquainted and spent a lot of time laughing in that class. One of our favorite memories being that I missed a test and had to make it up at which time I informed the teacher that I was going to ace the test. Wrong! I got a 65. EEK! We all had a good laugh over that one. I asked Chris to the Christmas Dance and we went and had a good time, but did not date after that just remained friends. Chris still insists that the only reason I asked him was so that I could get a date to the prom. Well, it worked. He took me to the prom. I left for college and didn’t see him too much until after I had graduated and already had my first teaching job. My mom and dad were in Las Vegas and my grandma was staying with us since Kristen was only 10 or 11 at the time. I went to the store to get hotdog buns for dinner and did not return home for 2 hours. My grandma was panicked. What happened to me? Well I went to the store and ran into Chris and we proceeded to talk for a couple of hours. He then asked me if he could call me some time and I said yes thinking he would never call. He called the next day and the rest is history. We dated for about 6 months and got engaged. We were married about 5 months later. So, there you have it the Kliewer Story in a nutshell.


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  1. Thank God for hot dog buns. You guys were meant for each other. What a beautiful family.

  2. That’s right! She forgot about me and my dinner and instead spent all her time at the grocery store meeting some boy….goodness gracious! Anyway, I’m not bitter. 😉

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