The Incredibles

I took Cole (almost 6 years old) to see The Incredibles yesterday. He loved it and so did I. This is the first PG movie I have ever let him watch. I decided to let him see it because of one simple fact…he loves anything that has to do with superheroes. I knew the movie was rated PG because of action violence. There was not any bad language (at least I didn’t notice it) in the movie. The movie was well done, but does have a lot of explosions, crashes, fighting, etc without any blood. The beginning of the movie is a little long for younger kids as it is setting up the premise for the whole movie. I don’t think Chase (almost 4) could have sat through it until the excitement began. It is typical Pixar…very clever and very funny. I would recommend it for older kids, teens and adults. You can read a family friendly review here and other reviews here.

Even if you don’t take your kids, take yourself. You’ll enjoy it!


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  1. We saw it yesterday too. Great movie! Way better than Shark Tale! -Robynp.s. Happy anniversary!

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