Dyed Hair Fiasco

My sister, Kristen, and I were emailing back and forth when I received this message:

forgot I had dye in my hair and have now been on the computer 20 minutes

longer than anticipated!!! Hope hair does not fall out!!! May put wig on

christmas list!!!


I then replied telling her it sounded just like Bridget Jones. At which point I received two more emails which made me laugh my head off. Thought you might enjoy them as well!

Have now rinsed out dye…Must not panic. Am self-assured person…baldness

does not affect who I am. Will now condition as directions recommend.

Hoping for the best.

Yours affectionately,

Hairless Keeks

Scalp is tingling, tingling, TINGLING. What will I do?! Hair smells like burnt

rubbish. Must remain calm. May have to call in sick due to grievous mistake on

my part. Cannot bear to have people see me in this state. Conditioner has

become my new best friend–UNLESS–I may become a loyal customer of

ROGAINE…although wig may be best choice. No more crazy hair…only cute,

gorgeous hair…I’m thinking Jennifer Aniston hair or Julia Roberts hair…Yes,

I may be onto something here

the fiasco continues on…hair truly

is in a state…must continue to condition


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