Help! I’ve started cleaning and I can’t stop!

Just waded through my mess of an office to make this post. It all started yesterday when I got in Chase’s closet to find him something to wear and couldn’t find a darn thing because it was so messy. I then proceeded to clean out his entire closet and bagged up a bunch of clothes that no longer fit. Then I cleaned out all of his drawers. Thought I was over the cleaning fit until it hit me again this morning. I started cleaning out Cole’s closet and his drawers. Then I had to clean off my desk and everything on it since I’m getting a new desk delivered on Monday. Somehow, just cleaning off the desk turned into cleaning out the whole office. I dumped all my books off the shelves and started rearranging. I don’t have just one bookcase either. I have 3 book cases all crammed full. Now if I can just get all this junk I’m getting rid of out to the garage before I wear out, I’ll have it made. Why does this happen to me? I start cleaning and I can’t stop. It is like spring cleaning very late in the year. LOL!


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