Journey to Bethlehem

My mom and I took the boys on a walk-through Christmas story (for lack of a better way of describing it) at Forest Hills Christian Church. If you are in the OKC area, I definitely recommend going. The church is located on MacArthur, just south of 23rd street. Anyway, they have guides who lead you through the journey. You start in Nazareth and end up in Bethlehem. Along the way, you meeting many interesting people, even Roman soldiers! You even get to go to the market in Bethlehem. It is well worth your time to go. You can feel the Spirit of God as you take the journey. It is so neat to see an entire church work on something together. Everyone was helping…from young to old. Both of the boys were enthralled by the whole thing. Did I mention they also have real animals? Donkeys, Camels, Chickens, Llamas It got a double thumbs up from both of my boys!


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