New Book

I just found out that John Grisham has a new book coming out tomorrow entitled “The Broker.” Woohoo! I love most of his books. I became addicted to his books when I read “The Firm” in 1993. I got absolutely nothing done for two days while I read the book from cover to cover.


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  1. Hey Kyndal,I use Oxi-Clean. Try making a paste out of water and a little oxi-clean, apply it with a toothbrush or just spoon it on. Let it soak in oxi-water, then run it through the washing machine. If you try it, let me know if it works. 🙂

  2. I tried it! Thanks for the tip. It worked on the pants but the shirt still didn’t come all the way clean. I will have to say it took most of the stains on the shirt out but there are still a couple of light spots left. Heck, maybe I’ll just bleach the shirt with Clorox and see how it turns out.

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