Night Fall by Nelson DeMille

I finally got to read a novel and I sure am glad I picked this one. It is a fictional story of what could have happened to TWA Flight 800 which exploded not far from Long Island Beach back in 1996. It features John Corey reopening the case. (For all you DeMille fans, this is the same John Corey that was in Plum Island and The Lion’s Game.) Mr. DeMille has been one of my favorite authors for several years. He has the ability to action pack a story and keep you guessing the whole time. You never know what is going to happen until the very last page. I love that! (FYI–the book does have a lot of bad language and deals with sexual themes…oh my gosh! I sound like the rating board for movies. I just thought you should know before you run out and buy the book. 😉 By the way if you want to start with one of his other books…The Charm School is an excellent choice. (Side note: I found out that I’ve been making a mistake when putting the title of a book in my blog entry. Kristen says that I should italize it and not put it in quotes. I knew I shouldn’t use quotes but couldn’t figure out how to underline. She says italize…she’s an English major so I guess I’ll believe her. LOL!!)


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