Funny Memory

I was flipping radio stations in the car today when I heard the old country song, “O Lord It’s Hard to be Humble.” I have not heard that song for years. Even worse, I still knew all the words. I then flashed back to Shotgun Sam’s Pizza Parlor about 23 years ago. I was in 8th grade and had just gotten out of the hospital. I had been in there about 5 days with pnemonia. We headed straight to my favorite pizza place, Shotgun Sam’s. (For all you Okies, it was located on 39th & May. There’s a car dealership on that corner now) We met some friends, ordered our pizzas and then some people came up on the little stage to play and sing. They then asked for volunteers to sing with them so I immediately volunteered. (I’d been cooped up in that hospital way too long!) I headed to the stage and belted out Oh Lord It’s Hard to be Humble. I’ve heard from everyone there that it was quite a show because 1) I can’t carry a note in a bucket and 2) I still had my hospital wristband on my wrist. In fact, the singing of that song is somewhat of a local legend that has never been forgotten. Whenever I see people who knew me when I was in Jr. High, the Shotgun Sam’s story is invariably brought up. Is there a point to this story? Nah…but it sure made me laugh in the car today when I heard that old country song.


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