While I’m at it…

While I’m ranting about banned books, I would also like to vent about something else. Why is Kindergarten so hard these days? Why does my son’s homework/classroom/curriculum look like the first grade I used to teach? Why are we cramming everything down? Where are the early childhood advocates? Why isn’t school developmentally appropriate? Does it matter if we learn to read in Kindergarten instead of 1st Grade? And while I’m at it, I think now I know why we have “No Child Left Behind.” Let’s make learning fun and challenging and interesting on each child’s level. If you are a reading kindergartener…great! If you aren’t a reading kindergartener, great! Let’s meet each child where they are. The trends swing back and forth. I should know this, I was an educator for 10 years. For a while, they didn’t learn much in Kindergarten at all. Now they are doing K and 1st grade all in one year. I’d just like to see developmentally appropriate activities and curriculum for every child in every grade. Enough said.


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