Steak Sandwich Supreme
On the way to our retreat, I noticed one of the original Del Rancho Restaurants. (If you aren’t from Oklahoma, this is the home of the original “Steak Sandwich Supreme.” A sandwich that features a chicken fried steak so large that is falls off the bun, slathered in mayo, with lettuce and tomato. Ahhh…I didn’t say it was healthy…only delicious!) I kept telling everyone I was going to sneak out of the retreat to get myself a “STEAK SANDWICH SUPREME.” We then spent a lot of the weekend talking about who had the best chicken fried steak and where you could get it. On the way home, my lovely friend Trudie pulled over at Del Rancho without even being asked and ordered me a Steak Sandwich Supreme Combo complete with a Root Beer. LOL! Was it as good as I remembered? You bet! Every inch of it was delicious. I then got out my cell phone and called the remaining few members of our group still at the retreat center to let them know I was sitting in Trudie’s car finishing up the ultimate chicken fried steak sandwich. What is it with this chicken fried steak obsession? Well, I think most people who live in Oklahoma consider chicken fried steak a staple food. Maybe I’m exaggerating by saying most. But a lot of us do love our chicken fried steak and are quite picky about it. My mom makes a really good chicken fried steak and it was always our favorite meal that she fixed for us. (hint hint, Mom!) If you find a fellow chicken fried steak lover, you have a friend for life. One who will willingly meet you anywhere, anytime if you tell them the restaurant has a good chicken fry! (hint hint all you chicken fried steak lovers out there!)


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