Note Thinkers
Yes, I admit it. I am a note thinker. I have good intentions. I can write you a beautiful note in my mind. I can play it over and over and get the words just write. Somehow it never gets from my head to the paper. I never get the note written. I am determined to become a note writer. I want to get the words on the paper and get the note in an envelope. I even want to get the envelope addressed, stamped, and to the actual post office. I want to be a note writer who actually mails the note! Is that too much to ask? I am going to buy a stack of note cards and put them in my drawer. I am going to buy stamps and put them in the drawer, too. I already have my new address book ready to go. Root for me. I’m determined to do it this time. Note thinkers unite! We will become the note writers of tomorrow!


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