The boys were in the car today counting to 100 when I was reminded of one of my favorite memories from teaching. When I was teaching first grade, we had a report card which consisted of a series of checklists instead of grades. We had to test each student individually on certain skills to see if they had mastered them during the nine weeks. One of the skills was counting to 100. You can imagine how exciting it was calling up 20 children to your desk individually and listening to them count to 100. One child made my day and I’ve never forgotten it. He is about 14 or 15 by now. He started tap dancing as he counted and when he came to a multiple of 10 he did it with a major flare and “jazz hands.” It was hilarious! I was about to burst out laughing the whole time he was counting. Needless to say, this is one student I will never forget. In fact, his mom called me not too long ago about something else and I reminded her of the tap dancing episode and we both laughed and laughed.


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