Random Thoughts

  • I got gas for only $1.98 a gallon today. Bargain!
  • James Siegel has a new book out called Detour. (His other book Derailed was fantastic! Full of twists and turns…Warning this book is not for the weak at stomach. Also it is R-rated for sexual content.)
  • Harlan Coben has a new book coming out on April 26th called The Innocent.
  • I went riding on a Harley motorcycle tonight with Chris. It was pure fun! We just went a couple of blocks. I thought my kids were going to pass out when they saw me climb on the back of the motorcycle. Little do they know that we used to ride motorcycles quite a bit in our younger days. Now Chris’ motorcycle is my wedding ring (He sold his bike to buy my ring) and we don’t have any motorcycles because I’m afraid the boys will want to ride motorcycles when they are older. But, I just couldn’t resist one little ride on this Harley tonight. (By the way, this motorcycle belonged to Chris’ uncle who recently passed away. He is cleaning up the bike and is getting ready to sell it which is why it is at our house.)
  • We had beautiful weather here today in Oklahoma. I love spring!
  • I’m 4 for 4 so far this week walking each day at 6 a.m. I’m enjoying the walking. It really helps to have a walking buddy. We are going to mix it up tomorrow and try a new route for Friday. I have more energy during the day and have been getting a lot more accomplished by getting up earlier each day. However, I still have trouble going to bed early. I am such a night owl. I’m sure this getting up early is going to catch up with me one of these days. Maybe I’ll get my hours switched around then.
  • I am hosting my bunco group next Tuesday night so I will be busy cleaning and getting ready all weekend. I also need to plant flowers and get the yard in shape. It’s a good thing I have company once in a while. It sure makes me get a lot done around the house!

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