Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes
Each week I am reminded of how blessed I am and how often I take my life for granted. I often forget about the things other people must live with and live through. Take today, for example. A friend came by my mom’s house to drop off her son for my mom to watch. My mom and I were in the back part of the house working on the computer and hollered at her to come on back. When she didn’t come back, my mom went to find her. She then began talking a mile a minute telling us that she needed help. Her blood sugar was dropping and she needed a cookie or orange juice. Thankfully, my mom had some cookies handy and we had coke. We started giving it to her as quickly as we could. It was scary. It made me sad. I wanted to cry and call 911. My mom had the presence of mind to start praying out loud. Everything was fine in less than 5 minutes. After she was fine, our friend started telling us how she was afraid this would happen while she was alone with her son. (She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11.) How often I forget what it must be like to live in someone else’s body and live their life. Another example, my friend Juli, whose 9-year old son has a brain tumor. They are headed to Memphis for his surgery on the 23rd of May. I received an email from her the other day. It was positive and grateful. She spoke of faith and of making memories with her son. It made me cry. It also made me realize how small my problems are how big our God is. I’m not writing this to make us look at how much worse off other people are than we are. My point is that I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. I spend a lot of needless time on things that matter so little. I want to spend time on the things that count. I also am too hard on people. I don’t stop to think about what other people may be living with. I am too quick to judge and too harsh. I want to treat others in a more kind, patient and compassionate manner.


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  1. Jan

    Wisdom is the ability to consider the other person’s point of view. Unfortunately, it usually comes through the school of hard knocks. I don’t see you the way you describe yourself. You seem pretty forgiving to me!

  2. Ahh…the school of hard knocks. I’ve been to that school before. 🙂 I also think I’ll probably go to that school again! :)Thanks for your kind words. I try to be forgiving, but sometimes I’m still too hard on people including myself.

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