All About Hair
I went to get a haircut and color today and came home with a perm instead. What in the world happened? LOL I just am sick of my hair. It has gotten slightly wavy and unmanageable the past few years. I blame the wave on pregnancy. It used to be very straight and then something happened when I was pregnant. Not that I’m complaining…a little body is nice. But unruly, wavy hair is not nice. Anyway, my stylist has been trying to talk me into a perm for months. She kept telling me it would look good because I already have some natural curl. Today I just told her to go for it since we kept looking in books for a cut that would work with my hair and nothing would work because of my natural “wave.” I have not had a perm since the 80’s. Remember the big hair?! I got a really bad perm and have not had one since. It was the frizziest thing you have ever seen. I must say my 2005 perm turned out much better. It is a nice loose perm and it isn’t frizzy at all. I just hope it looks good when you readers who see me in real life see me again. Let’s hope it doesn’t look like my 80’s perm when you see me. At least it will be easy to fix…wash and wear. I’m all about easy to take care of hair!


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