There’s a Mouse in the House! (Almost)
Have you played the game Mousetrap lately? It is still as bad as when we were kids. Nothing stays together. Everytime you get one part of the trap together another part falls apart. We have yet to catch a mouse. My kids love that game and always want to play it. I can’t figure out why. I promise you, all it does is fall apart. You can just be moving your mouse around the board and the trap will totally destroy itself. Speaking of mice, we seem to have several of them running in our garage lately. I can’t figure out why they are trying to get inside at this time of year. Usually you’ll see them in the fall just before it turns really cold. We’ve already caught 3! Disgusting! At least they are in the garage and not in the house. (I should also mention that I use the term “we” loosely. I had nothing to do with catching the mice except buying the traps. My husband takes care of the mouse catching around here.)


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  1. Jan

    I’ve got an extra cat! (This is not a joke)

  2. LOL!! I was thinking I might need a cat. However, I don’t think my allergies could take it. We caught mouse number 4 last night. This is getting embarrassing. Where are they all coming from? At least they have remained in the garage.

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