Wifi Crazy Part 2
I have now gone so wifi crazy that I bought a router yesterday and set up my own wireless network at home. It is cool! Now I can sit in the living room and access my cable modem and the internet from my laptop. I’m typing this blog entry from my kitchen counter. I also got the boys’ computer set up with a handy dandy wireless usb adapter. No need to crack the case when usb is available. Now I just need some type of filtering or parental control program for the internet before I let them get on it. They just want to play nickjr and pbs, but you just don’t know what is going to pop up on the internet. Anyone know of any good software? And, I just have to say it. I love technology!


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  1. Jan

    http://www.bsafe.com If you say I referred you, I get 10 bucks or something, which I’ll gladly hand over to you to reduce the cost of the software for you.

  2. Mel

    We use Wee-blocker. http://weblocker.fameleads.com/get_weblocker.aspIt's free. Also, download ad-aware and spybot so you can avoid getting spyware on the kids’ computer. They are also free. Oh, and don’t forget ZoneAlarm and AVG Anti-virus (also free) http://www.grisoft.com/doc/10/lng/us/tpl/tpl01Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll go check them out. I also was able to find some free security software from my ISP including parental controls. Just haven’t had time to download it yet. Mel, thanks for mentioning antivirus and spyware software. I totally forgot!

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