Pedi, Anyone?
I went to try on shoes the other night and had to borrow some hose at the shoe store to try them on. It was at that moment, I noticed how bad my feet and toenails looked. Embarrasing! I took myself right out today and got myself a pedicure. My feet look much better, not perfect, but better. I’m wearing a color called “Chick Flick Red.” I was really stepping out since I usually choose “Big Apple Red.” 😉 Actually, the two colors are quite a bit different. This one is a darker color of red, a good fall color. I just wonder how I managed to survive so long without getting pedicures. I think I had my first one when I was about 31. Then I went 6 years before getting another. Now, at the age of 38, I find pedicures a necessity of life. I keep wondering why someone didn’t tell me about these things when I was a teenager. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have had the money to do it back then. And, don’t tell me to do my own pedicures. If you saw the way I paint nails, you’d faint! So, I’ll just keep going to get it done and sit in that nice massaging chair and be thankful someone else will do it for me. (And next time I won’t wait until my feet look quite so bad!)


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  1. Yes please! You shoulda called! I will always be a partner-in-crime when someone wants a pedi. I prefer the “I’m not a waitress” red.

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