I’m in desperate search of a good, long book to take with my on my upcoming cruise. I went to Barnes Noble tonight, but nothing really struck me. I need a new author and a good read. I get in some of my best reading when I am traveling. I remember when I was 21, my grandma took me out to Las Vegas to celebrate. I read everything I had brought with me and was looking for something to read on the trip home. My aunt had only a few books and one was really thick so I chose it…
The Thornbirds. The rest is history. I read that whole 800 page book in about 30 hours. I am not making it up! We had some delays in flights and ended up spending the night in Houston Hobby Airport. I could not sleep, so I found a nice quiet place on a the floor and read like a madwoman. Left early the next morning for OKC, got home, said hello to the family and went in my room to finish the book. Another book I really enjoyed while traveling was The Shell Seekers. Nice long novel with wonderful characters. Please help me! The plane leaves early Sunday morning. I am anxiously awaiting your comments and emails.


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  1. Most amazing, totally mesmerizing work EVER—-THE HISTORIAN by Elizabeth Kostova!!!!! I am so intrigued. I think constantly upon what could be happening next….suspense, romance, history/factual/fiction rolled into one. HUGE book to lug around. Took to drs. office all were laughing at me because they thought it was textbook! LOL! Seriously buy it! If you hate it I’ll purchase it from you when you arrive from your cruise. That’s why I’m up so late…reading damn book and blogging. love you, good luck with book search

  2. I haven’t read The Historian; maybe that’s the one. If not, my favorite l-o-n-g book ever is Les Miserables. Vanity Fair is good, too. And I liked The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Acts of Faith by Philip Caputo. The latter two are contemporary..

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