Leggo my Lego
Oldest son received a lego building set for his birthday. Somehow I’ve been the one roped into building cars. Thank goodness they have step-by-step picture instructions. Actually, I’ve become quite proficient at building the cars, if I do say so myself. I built a truck and a four-wheeler in about 30 minutes tonight. This is miraculous considering that when I was a kid I could never build anything more than a stack of blocks that I called a house. Where were the instructions then? Or did they put them in the kit and I didn’t know it. This is also miraculous considering the fact that I do not have any spatial ability whatsoever. It is always amazing to me to see people who can look at something and then put it together with no further instructions. (My husband can do this. How???!! I do not get it.) Anyway, this post goes out to all you spatially challenged people. Thank goodness for instructions and a willingness to try anything!


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