New Job Update
I have been busily getting used to my new job and new routine. I love it! You will never believe this, but now that I’m working on a regular schedule instead of a flex schedule, I get more done than ever. My Bible Study lessons are actually being completed. I get up at the same time every morning. In fact, I am sometimes scaring myself by being able to get so much done. My new job is perfect for me. I get to meet and talk with lots of interesting people. I have some projects that require “brain” power. I get to go out to lunch quite often for business meetings. I work with nice people. (I already worked with nice people at my other job and I still miss them. Guess what? I get to lunch with them, too!) This week I’m doing a presentation to a small group of people on estate planning. I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!!


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  1. I read this and started laughing out loud. I can just hear you saying it!

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