Vacation Highlights

I enjoyed a fantastic week off with my family. We stayed in a condo about 10 miles from Eureka Springs, AR. The condo was on Tablerock Lake and had a beautiful view. Here’s some of the highlights of our trip:

  • Went horseback riding on an hour long trail ride. I almost didn’t make it onto the horse. Thank goodness they had little stairs for someone like me. My husband said that was the highlight of his trip…watching me get on the horse. It was quite humorous, I have to admit.
  • Rode the Ducks” in Branson. This was a tourist trap, but still fun. The ducks are amphibious vehicles so not only did we get to drive around town, we also got to float around on Tablerock Lake for a bit. The boys loved this! The worst part of the trip was that they give everyone a quacker whistle. 5 minutes of quacker whistle is OK, 90 minutes is not!
  • Tons of outlet shopping. I didn’t buy much but enjoyed going to some different stores. I missed the mall that had 90 stores. Traveling with children will do that to you. 😉
  • Went to see the Baldknobbers show in Branson. The boys thought it was hilarious and have been putting on their own shows at home. They include some guitar playing and lots of comedy!
  • Went to Silver Dollar City. Tons of fun but a little cool for the water rides. Of course, Chase and I rode anyway and got soaked!
  • Spent a lot of time driving on extra-curvy rodes listening to old country music and talking.

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