What’s on my desk

For The Happy Homemaker:
Here’s what I have on my desk (Darn this may take awhile!)

Cable bill, pen, fingernail clippers, 2 tubes of hand lotion, receipts, 100 pictures that need scrapbooked, stickers, wallet, sunglasses, papers, coaster, 10 magazines that haven’t been read yet, a pack of trident gum, coupon for Jif peanut butter, Zelda The Minish Cap Game for Gameboy, notepad, advertisement for cheap satellite tv.
I actually have two desks in my office so I guess I’ll continue with the other desk.
2 pairs of brand new sunglasses that I got cheap at the Fossil store in Branson, pictures the boys drew, Bible, pen, unfinished BSF lesson, notebook, calendar, spare change, Silver Dollar City tickets, receipts, ipod shuffle, The Message Bible, BSF notebook, lamp, brand new Creative Memories album where you can just slide the photos in , and a box of papers and other junk that needs sorted. Whew! Guess I’ll get busy cleaning it off now.


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  1. Jan

    Frankly, I’m astonished. That must be the messiest place in your house!

    p.s. You’re supposed to leave a comment on my blog telling the world you have completed your assignment!

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