I got it! The iPod Video!! I can barely type I am so excited. This gadget is unbelievable! I hooked it up to the computer and it automatically loaded about 1100 songs and some videos onto the iPod. The video feature is amazing! I had downloaded a few free episodes of TV shows from iTunes on my computer and now they are on the iPod ready to watch. I’ll be busy ripping cds to my computer and loading some more songs on the iPod. I think it can hold 7500 songs!


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  1. Jan

    Would you like me to take care of your old iPod? What is it, 4 months old? I’m good with younguns.

  2. Well, you might be able to babysit my shuffle for awhile, but it is still my ipod of choice when I am out walking. You just can’t beat its small size and lanyard to hang it around your neck.

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