NOTICE: This blog in dire need of attention

This poor old blog needs a makeover or at least a post every few days or so. I was going to try my hand at a whole new look using my new iweb software. I quickly figured out that it is too much work. Don’t get me wrong, iweb makes creating a website easy. But, all I really want is a blog, a way to write and post pictures that is quick and that I can do from any computer. I remembered that Blogger fits all of my needs. So, here I am trying to revamp this place a bit. It has been weeks since I posted and then it was brought to my attention that the comments on my blog are being moderated and I hadn’t looked at any of them. I must have accidently clicked the moderator button. Happily, tonight I discovered 6 funny comments I had missed over the past month or so. Rats! I just love a good comment. So, to those of you who commented and never heard a thing from me, I apologize. The moderating is now turned off and you can comment to your heart’s content. Ahhh….it’s nice to be back.


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