I love “people connections.” It is kinda like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game. Maybe we could start doing 6 Degrees to Kyndal. (Now that’s getting carried away with yourself. LOL!) It is amazing the number of people God has put in my life and the people that He allows me to meet. Somehow, I meet tons of people with whom I have some type of random connection. Let me give you an example. While I was at Silver Dollar City in Missouri, I wore an Eskimo Joe t-shirt. Any shirt which is from a specific area is always a good conversation starter. I went into the bathroom before the park opened and a lady noticed my shirt and we struck up a conversation. She asked me if I was from Stillwater to which I replied no, but told her I was from Oklahoma City. She then told me she was from Tuttle. I told her I’d been to Tuttle and she almost fainted. I then asked her if she knew my friends who live in Tuttle and she did. She then told me that she was Brian Stewart’s mom. Brian was Jason White’s best friend. (If you click on the link, scroll down to the middle of the article. Jason White was a star quarterback for OU in case you aren’t a football nut.) As I came out of the restroom talking to this lady, I saw my husband’s eyes begin rolling. “How in the world can you meet someone in the bathroom?” he questioned. “It all started with an Eskimo Joe shirt,” I reply. The conversation then goes downhill from there. You should’ve seen him the time he heard my voice loud and clear coming from a restroom at a rest stop alongside I-40. I had run into one of the custodians from the school where I worked at the time. All this to say that one of my favorite ways that I’ve been blessed is through people connections. You just never know who you are going to meet and where. Keep your eyes and ears open next time your in a public restroom. That stranger washing her hands next to you, could be your long-lost best friend from 1st grade.


2 responses to “Connections

  1. I always say we can’t take you anywhere. Everywhere you go you run into someone you know. You’re a people magnet! -Sis

  2. Nope, you can’take me anywhere!! LOL!!!

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