Too Close for Comfort

So, I’m at Pei Wei today at lunch and it is crowded. The line was out the door and every table was packed. A woman gets in line behind my friend and me and moves closer and closer to us. She then begins yawning and I thought my friend was going to fall in her mouth because she was standing so close to her. Then we step up to order and the woman is so close to me that the order taker thinks she is with me! I politely told him that she was not with our party. We then sit at a little table and you know who has to sit right next to us. She then proceeds to move her table over toward ours because she was sitting on the crack! I wish she would’ve fallen into the crack. I DO NOT like my personal space to be invaded by a total stranger. Reminds me of the “close talker” Seinfeld episode. Classic!


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