Seat Kicking, Big Glasses, Nail Biting and other Minor Annoyances

I had four flights on which to discover how much the people around you on a flight can annoy you. The first flight was 2 hours long and I spent most of that flight getting kicked in the back by the kid in the seat behind me. AHH!! It was either kicking or putting the tray up and down about 50 times. Annoying! On one of the flights home, I spent most of the time being entertained and annoyed by the girl a few seats in front of me. She had on these huge sunglasses which she continued to wear throughout the flight even though it was not bright on the plane at all. She took them off only to put on her makeup which took about 30 minutes. She spent most of the flight biting her nails and getting up to go to the bathroom. For all I know, she could’ve been some movie star hiding behing the big sunglasses. On second thought, I doubt that was the case. I was in classes for three days and was lucky enough to be surrounded by nice people with no weird habits to annoy me, until the very last class. The lady next to me alternated between flipping her hair back and scratching her head with very long fingernails which made an awful sound. EEK! Yes, small noises and habits can virtually drive me insane even though I know I have habits that I’m sure drive others insane as well. It is magnified over and over when you are trapped in a class or a movie or a flight.


One response to “Seat Kicking, Big Glasses, Nail Biting and other Minor Annoyances

  1. Dave

    So was the chick with the big glasses hot? Big sunglasses annoy me too but, if it’s a hot chick I usually chalk it up to ingnorance. That and they’re hot.

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