On My Nightstand

  • The Breathtaker by Alice Blanchard – Already finished this one. Creepy! Set in Oklahoma and people die during tornadoes. The only thing is they are being murdered and it is made to look like they were killed by flying debris. eek!
  • Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett – Looks like a great mystery/puzzle children’s book. I’m going to start it right after I post this entry. Thanks to Bookmoot for the great tips on children’s books!
  • Four to Score by Janet Evanovich – I just started reading this series over the summmer. I read the first three and laughed my head off. Great characters! I can’t wait to read this one.
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    2 responses to “On My Nightstand

    1. Yep, I almost wet my pants reading “the breathtaker”. :-)Next time I stick to the children’s books.Check out this website (http://www.my-nightstand.com), apparently they want everybody to send stuff about nighstands. I think I’m going to give it a try.

    2. hehe! That was one scary book. I did not figure out who it was until the very end of the book, either. I love that kind of book!Checked out the nightstand website. What a hoot!

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