Hello Out There

I’ve been begged by my readers to start posting again. (OK, OK, so there are only 3 of you actually reading this blog.) So without further ado, I present Feet on The Dashboard AKA Did Your Mother Ever Teach You Manners?I see this situation nearly daily in the summer months. The person driving has his foot out the window or the passenger has his feet planted on the dashboard or one foot hanging out the window. This irritates me to no end. Are you so tired that you must put your feet up while driving/riding in a car? Oh and I forgot to mention that the people are always barefoot. Hey, I may drive barefoot,but I DO NOT hang my feet out the window or put them on the dashboard. Disgusting! Also, I have noticed that this annoying habit is mainly practiced by women. Come on, Girls! Take your shoes off, but leave your feet on the ground! This is officially the end of my post that you readers have been dying to read. Wait, one more thing, does this habit just happen in Oklahoma or is it a nationwide trend? Now, I really am officially finished.


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