A Rambling Post Involving Two Kids and a Doctor

Ugh…spent 3 hours of my life today taking my boys to their well checks which were almost a year overdue. I left work at 2 and drove about 30 minutes to check the boys out of school. Then drove to doctor’s office another 30 minutes away. Sat in waiting room for 30 minutes. Were taken back to room and asked questions by nurse. Younger son sat calmly in a chair by himself and had his finger pricked and two little tiny tubes of blood taken. Not a whimper, not a cry. Nurse then informed me that both boys needed a chicken pox booster. WHAT!?! I had promised older son that there would be no shots. So much for that. The state requires the booster. Sat in room for 30 minutes and tried to dodge older son’s questions regarding what exactly a booster is. Visited with doctor for 30 minutes. She examined the boys. Older son then asked doctor whether a booster was medicine or a shot. A vaccine, she replied, is a shot. AAK! The tears started rolling and the show started. Whimpering, crying, freaking out. 3 people to hold the child down while he got his shot, excuse me, immunization. Younger child hops on table and lies still while getting shot. Informs all of us that it didn’t hurt a bit and that he is going to get his root beer sucker. Ahhh…the differences in siblings!


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