The Making of a Perfect Day

!. Sleep later than normal, but not too late. Don’t want to waste the whole day.
2. Stop and get breakfast tacos at the gas station. Choose anything you like…egg and bacon, egg and potato or really step out there and have them add beans and cheese to your usual favorite toppings. Put it all on a hand made tortilla. Yum! (Oklahoma really needs Laredo Taco Company in their gas stations.)
3. Drive to Padre Island and crank up some good music. Try something different and crazy like Gwen Stefani’s Harajuka Girls.
4. Stop at the huge new Wal Mart in Port Isabel. (This is the one time you can make an exception and go to Wal Mart.) Buy loads of sun screen, t-shirts, beach accessories, waterproof cameras and snacks. Oh yes, and a new pair of earrings because you wouldn’t want to lose your diamond ones.
5. Meet everyone else in the hottest parking lot of all time and make sandwiches on an ice chest on a trailer hanging on the back of your SUV. Load up some ham and mayo on white bread. Wash it down with a nice cold Coke or Dr. Pepper. (Doesn’t matter what kind of pop as long as it’s the real thing not diet.)
6. Load everyone and everything up in one large SUV that isn’t quite large enough. This means 4 kids in the 3rd seat, 2 adults and 2 teenagers in the middle seat and 2 adults in front. Also must have two ice chests, snacks, boogie boards, beach toys, first aid kit, and extra clothes, etc. in rack on back of SUV and in the tiny wedge of space they actually leave you in the SUV. Make sure everyone is talking at full volume.
7. Drive out on the beach. And I mean you can drive on the actual beach. Keep on driving until hardly anyone else is around.
8. Set up a huge canopy, put on the life jackets and sun screen and hit the beach.
9. Stay all day even when it rains. The rain will only last a few minutes.
10. Swim
11. Build sand castles
12. Laugh (a lot!)
13. Pack it all up and start dumping gallon jugs of water on the kids and have them change clothes in between the open car doors or in the SUV.
14. Dump water on adults and change in between the car doors. This is not an easy task but it must be done if you want to remain sane on the drive home.
15. Go to favorite restaurant but there’s a 2 hour wait. Doesn’t bother anyone. Just go somewhere else like Whataburger.
16. Eat outside at Whataburger because there are so many other people on Saturday night.
17. Stop off at Wal Mart parking lot and load part of the beach bums into the other car.
18. Head home.
19. Lather, rinse, repeat!


2 responses to “The Making of a Perfect Day

  1. Anonymous

    Love this! Made me smile – I need to print it out to put in my scrapbook if I ever get cropping again. Oh, and I guess you will have to send me some pictures since I didn’t take any! LOL! Sis

  2. K-k-k-katy

    That’s fabuolous. I love how, for every individual, there’s that one Wal Mart in the United States that just feels like home regardless of your die hard loyalty to Target…for me, it’s the WalMart in Gunnison, Colorado, where we load up on supplies before going up the mountain to Crested Butte…

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