This and That

I just received the earliest books in The Complete Peanuts Series thus completing my collection until the new books come out. Yahoo!! I’m going to sit right down and read every Peanuts strip in order. (And yes I’m weird like that. Drives me nuts to read a series of books out of order. Must read each and every book IN ORDER.)

I tried the new Sammy sandwich at Quiznos. Good, but small. I mean they tell you to order 2 but really you should order 4 or maybe even 6.

I’m headed to San Antonio tomorrow afternoon for a big high school wrestling tournament. We are going to watch my nephew wrestle. Go Josh!

I’m busily trying to finish a big project for work while simulateously trying to compile a “Road Trip Playlist.” Any suggestions for songs or albums would be greatly appreciated.

I hope it is warm in San Antonio because I am sick of the cold weather and wind in Oklahoma.

Why do they pack stuff in those stupid styrofoam flat peanuts. The stuff gets everywhere. OK, maybe I should open packages neater. I was just trying to get my new Peanuts books out of the box asap!


3 responses to “This and That

  1. Jan

    So Peanuts came packed in peanuts?Hmmmm.

  2. LOL! I didn’t even realize that until you pointed it out.

  3. hey, where is the picture of the Peanuts series in the peanuts?Hope you have a great trip.Tamara

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