They’re Coming to Take Me Away

Typing this from a cheap hotel in San Antonio. I will have to say that the hotel does have wifi so it’s not all bad. Traveling with my mom is always an interesting and fun experience. She just put neosporin on her toothbrush. And no I’m not making this up. This then led to a conversation about all the uses of nupercainal…I’m not quite sure how we made the leap from neosporin to nupercainal, but this is not unusual in our family. We randomly jump from one topic to another and the only ones who can follow the conversation are us. I mean we don’t know how to think any other way. We were raised to think totally random thoughts and just blurt them out. Anyway, it seems that nupercainal can be used for a variety of purposes besides hemorrhoids. Apparently it can be used to reduce the bags under your eyes as well as heal dry, cracked hands. People, I repeat, I am not making this stuff up. It doesn’t get any better than this!


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