Parking Lot Blog

I am typing this post while sitting in the back of my car in a parking lot. Isn’t technology amazing?! Even more amazing is the fact that I found an accessible wifi signal here in the middle of a parking lot. The weather is beautiful in San Antonio today. It is also my nephew’s birthday. He is 7 today. Just got back from celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese. Totally fun! I started playing Super Mario Kart 2 and couldn’t stop since I kept winning each and every race. Playing Nintendo at home is now paying off. I was quite the star at Chuck E. Anyhoo, just waiting out here in the parking lot while everone else is inside watching wrestling. I’m out here with all the little guys and you can tell that I’m keeping them under close adult supervision. Actually, my mom is watching them in the trailer while I sit outside in the peace and quiet. What could be better than 80 degrees and sunshine and a wifi signal? Ahhh….
Had a little trouble posting when I lost the wifi signal. I’ll just go ahead and post it now from the cheap hotel…but it was actually composed in a parking lot.


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