Note to Small Cafe Where I’m Working

There is no one in here but me and a group of ladies. We have all been served and are finished with our meals. Of the approximately 20 tables in this cafe, at least 10 are dirty. A few dishes have been picked up, but not ONE table has been wiped off. How hard is it? Get someone to bus the tables properly. Also, you might want to occasionally check the bathroom to make sure it has toilet paper. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Update: I just can’t stop. Now he is cleaning the tables and oh my! I think they need bussing lessons. I bussed a lot of tables in my day. Hey, dude! I’m right here. I can teach you how to bus! Get a black tub to set all the dirty dishes in. That way you don’t have to keep walking back and forth to the trashcan. Get a bottle of spray and carry it with you along with the cloth you are going to use to clean the tables. Put the dishes in the black tub. Spray the table and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Be sure to pick up the salt and pepper shakers and clean under them too. Also, cleaning the booth seats and chairs is part of the process. Can you not see all those crumbs on them? AUGH! I’ve got to get out of here.


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