Note to Stupid People in the Booth Behind Me

1. Do ya have to pick the booth right by me? You can see that I’m trying to work. There were at least 8 other open booths, but you have to sit right behind me.
2. Please shut your mouth when eating chips. Yes, chips crunch, but there is no need for the whole restaurant to hear your crunching.
3. Hideaway Pizza is not brand new. There is a new Hideaway Pizza location on the NW Highway, but Hideaway Pizza has been around for ages and started in Stillwater, OK. If you are going to take your guests around town, at least get your information right.
4. The best sushi in town is not at the little walk up place you mentioned. Ever heard of Sushi Neko?
5. Using damn in every sentence does not make one macho. Enough said.
6. The name of the place with the fried chicken and cold beer is Eishen’s. Refer to #3.
7. “Washington D.C. is its own animal.” This guy needs to run for president on that platform along with his views on gun control. Oh and if you meet this guy be sure not to ask his opinion on anything. He’ll be glad to tell you whatever he thinks about anything without any prodding.
9. Yes, I do have PMS today and you made the mistake of sitting by me. I’ll be nicer tomorrow, I promise. OK, maybe we better say I’ll be nicer by Wednesday. How’s that sound? And, if you ever need help touring your guests around OKC, give me a call.


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