5 Things that Distract Me

The crowds have been crying out for a new blog post. (OK, it was really onely one person…my sister, Kristen) She gave me the above topic and I’m going with it. Here are the 5 things that distract her.

1) shiny things
2) opportunity to debate whether I should drink real or diet coke and what it will cost me in the end
3) TMZ.com and other ridiculous gossip news sites
4) talking to my bossi (plural for bosses)
5) daydreaming

Here are 5 Things that Distract Me:

1. The internet and anything on it. I can be working away on my computer and decide to take a little break by reading a blog. The next thing I know I’ve linked from one blog to another and another and 30 minutes has passed me by.
2. The telephone. A conversation that should take 5 minutes turns into 30 minutes very easily. For example, last night I talked to Kristen and the topics went from music to Saturday Night Live to Elliot Spitzer (Now his story is a whole other blog post. Actually, we’ve all done stupid stuff and hopefully ours doesn’t end up on national tv. No judgment here. I just can’t believe his wife went up there with him while he made the first announcement. She looked very stoic. Maybe she told him she’d go up there, but she was going to kill him when they got home!) We go from one topic to another (as you can tell by my blog posts) without much ado. We sometimes warn the other that we are changing topics, but most of the time it doesn’t matter. We can follow the conversation but most “normal” people can’t keep up.
3. Laundry
4. Long lunches
5. iTunes. I decide I need some new music to listen to while I’m working and as usual another 30 minutes passes me by while I’m going from one song clip to another.


One response to “5 Things that Distract Me

  1. AJ

    hahha, never truer wordsthe internet and itunes are my worst – i’ll say “ok i’ll start after i watch this video” .. but videos linked to videos linked to videos…and day dreaming. good old fashioned whims …………sorry. there i go again..hahahaha..err..yeah i’ll go now.very true blog though. AJ.

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