Cheap Books Rock

My sister and I went on a cheap book hunting expedition the other day and boy was it fun. I came home with way too many books. But, they were just so cheap, I just couldn’t help myself. Our quote of the day was, “I need another book like I need a hole in my head.” First we went to our new favorite used bookstore called Second Chance Books. (For you OKC locals, it is at 39th and MacArthur). Books everywhere as far as the eye can see. I spent over an hour perusing the mystery section. My boys love the comic book room. While there I picked up the following gems:

Dead Irish, The Vig and A Certain Justice by John Lescroart – I’ve heard lots of good things about his books and haven’t ever read any so I took a chance and picked up three. I like to read a book series in order. In fact, it will make my crazy not to read them in order so I spent half my time at the bookstore trying to figure out the first book in the series. The iPhone did the trick. I’ll make it easier for you, just click here.

Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille – This guy is one of my favorites. I once pretended to be sick so I could lay in bed all day and read one of his books, Up Country. I think that was the same book that caused me to take a 2-hour shower. I’m serious. I told my family I was going to take a shower and came out two hours later. I got a little sidetracked by the book. I did manage to get a shower, but I’m not sure I even dried my hair. Now that I think about it, I haven’t faked a sickness to read in a long time. I’m past due. cough cough I hope I don’t get “sick” this weekend.

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum – I saw the movie, but never read the book.

The Curse of the Pharoahs and The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters – I picked these up for my mom. She loved the first book and I think she needs to read the whole series. Wonderful series about a female archaeologist and her adventures. Click here for the book order.

I also picked up 4 or 5 comic books (Superfriends, I think) for my boys. I’m for anything that will get a kid reading. I loved comic books when I was a kid, but that’s a whole other post.
Stay tuned for the rest of the cheap books…Yes, there’s more!


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