Tip O’ the Week

When traveling always pack at least one back up book. (Sidenote:  I tried to spell “traveling” with two l’s – travelling – Isn’t that how we used to spell it?) In lieu of this, always know where the closest book store is.  It is a well known fact that if you only pack one book, you invariably will finish it and be left for the rest of the trip without a thing to read.  Nothing can be worse unless you know of a bookshop nearby which will alleviate your problem.    It doesn’t matter how long the book is, if you only pack one, you will finish it.  I once read The Thornbirds (a 700 or 800 page book) in about a 24 hour period because I got stuck in an airport overnight and couldn’t sleep.  I stayed up and read all night.  Oh and by the way, I had run out of things to read while on a trip to Las Vegas and had to peruse my great aunt’s shelves for some paperback to take with me on the trip home.  She kindly gave me The Thornbirds and I readily admit to loving every last bit of that book!


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