Summer Reads

I’m not sure what got me started on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  One thing was that I wanted to try reading something on my iPad and the first book was only $5.50. (HOLLER!)  Then I started seeing ads for the third book in the trilogy and I remember thinking, “Am I that late to the party?”  Here’s my advice:  buy all three at the same time because as soon as you finish one, you’ll want to read the next one and then schedule off work for a long weekend and enjoy the books!  You may have a little trouble with the names and there are quite a few characters so you might need a piece of paper to keep track of things.  I don’t think this is really necessary until maybe the last book.  But, the names are all Swedish and so are the town names, etc. so keep that in mind.  And last, but not least, get a bit of kleenex out because when you finish all three you will cry because there isn’t another one.  The author, Stiegg Larsson, died in 2004 and didn’t see his books published.  I can’t even think about it.  It makes me feel so bad.  There is a great article in Entertainment Weekly this week about the series.  (In fact, the book is featured on the cover of EW.)


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