Ten Things I Like This Week

  1. Boys with blond hair and blue eyes who pull their shorts all the way up, tuck in their shirt and dance to “I’m Fat” by Weird Al.
  2. Rhodia Notepads – I struck gold at Target last night and found some in stock!
  3. The school supply display at Target.  WOW!
  4. Pilot G-2 pens – perfect for writing in your new Moleskine
  5. The Pen Addict Blog
  6. Notebook Stories
  7. JetPens Website
  8. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini – A MUST READ!  I read it in one day…could not put it down.
  9. Kevin Durant staying with the Thunder until 2016 season.  Woot!
  10. Fossil Watches

3 responses to “Ten Things I Like This Week

  1. That wouldn't be my boy would it?Sis

  2. But of course! 😉 He is a riot!

  3. Pen Addict Blog..amazing.ha ha haTamara

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