I’ve been exploring Midtown OKC lately.   Who knew I was missing so much?  I  give a double thumbs-up to all these restaurants.

Pachinko Parlor – If you like sushi and a relaxed, fun environment, you’ve found your place.  Try the Crab Rangoon.  I’ve never had any sushi like it.  It had a fried bread on the outside of the roll.  My favorite was the Philly Cheese Steak which features beef tenderloin, spicy cream cheese, asparagus and scallion.

Sara Sara Cupcakes – I had Cowboy Carrot.  Cream cheese icing on moist carrot cake.  Need I say more?  Delicious! I also love the fact that they serve milk in an ice cold glass.  If you’re gonna eat something sweet, you gotta have milk!

Iguana Mexican Grill – We ate here for lunch today on the patio.  Beautiful 80 degree weather and no wind.  This was a rare day in Oklahoma!  The food here was amazing.  Fresh salsa and guacamole!  Chicken fajitas like no other.  Highly recommended!

Prairie Thunder Bakery  – If you eat the Breakfast Croissant there is a good chance you’ll never want breakfast anyplace else.  It is on a homemade croissant.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.

Hmm….no wonder my jeans are too tight!  LOL!!


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